How to Play Fantasy Football for BEGINNERS

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  1. I appreciate this… considering I’m a “noob”.

  2. I’m not a beginner but I just want to know how to leave a fantasy leauge

  3. Hello! Can I get a quick explanation about the optimize line up option? Yes i spent the .99. cents.
    Thanks for your time

    1. No, unfortunately. Although they should add a feature where you can make a league start at a certain time

  4. Question I pushed join a league and drafted and after that there was a 13 minute timer and i didn’t know if I should’ve waited or not so I left the draft and nothing happened

    1. Can someone explain plz, do i need to draft a new team every week, and how do i know that i won or that i made the playoffs

    2. How tf do I switch my starting line up for a bench player if they are injured also I’m 0-1

  5. Thank you for the help. First year here…. still don’t understand the 5 stars….. or the team names that are green, yellow or red 🥺🥺🥺

  6. With the app not working for mock drafts I hope this doesn’t mean I have to delete the app and download it again when the NFL fantasy football draft actually starts in The end of August right?

  7. Going in scared with some friends trying to take my CalState Paraphilic Cubscouts to the top with Tom Brady aka the SPICE to lead us to hall of fame 😖 but have no idea what to do 🥴 Glad this video exists

  8. Hey guys i have a question. I played NBA fantasy but this year im playing for the first time NFL fantasy. My question is if my starting QB plays at Sunday and my Bench QB plays on Tuesday can i put my Bench QB in the starting lineup on Monday/Tuesday before the Tuesday game? or is my Starting QB locked in the lineup for the week and i have to decide every time which QB would give me more points in this week?

    1. It’s my first year as well but my assumption is no
      Because it is all in the same week (Week 1,2, whichever week that happens)
      If it is one quarterback Sunday then a different quarterback Thursday that should work because Thursday starts the next week of the season
      Idk if that makes sense but I hope it helps 🙂

  9. I’m a loyal Joe Budden podcast listener and they alwayssss talk about fantasy football. So I’m just here to understand what they be talking about 😂 thank you!

  10. Imagine watching this and still not understanding….

    Also being Australian might explain it

    I think I need to actually learn about NFL first before even doing any of this.

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