How a Chess Grandmaster Became a Fantasy Football Champion

How a Chess Became a Champion
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At the end of 2019, Magnus Carlsen – the Chess and existing world champ – was briefly at the top of the Dream standings. It makes good sense that someone of his capabilities should also be an outstanding FPL player, but where precisely does the overlap in capabilities occur?

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How a Became a Champion

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  1. Could you do up to dates on smaller leagues? Would be interesting to get a view into leagues the size of my own (Swedish), and learn more about those teams/feuds?

  2. Ok so you’re telling me to defeat my friends in fantasy premier league I have to learn chess first?!

    1. To beat your friends in FPL, first become the Chess World Champion. Easy.

    2. Just gotta intake every stat, watch every game, and build your team around that.

    3. on the bright side you know how to play chess,but fpl players gonna be sh*t the moment you/me/we pick them 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. @Adam Stevenson well no man, its certainly disputed. And don’t bring up Elo ratings as an attempt at objective proofs, Kasparov’s elo if he was playing today would be higher than what it was. It’s mathematics, not an opinion.

      Anyway, Morphy has a shout for GOAT, Fisher certainly has, and Kasparov most definitely has.

    2. @golazo It is evident that you don’t follow chess by your laughable analogy.

    3. @sf2448 If you’re speaking from personal experience, then don’t speak for all “non-chess players” which is what you alluded to in your original comment.
      Edit – I am a non-chess player (although I have played it and follow it to a very small extent) and many in the comment section are and I agree that World Champion would fit better.

    4. @sayan roy It should be even more evident that I don’t follow chess, from the fact that I said I do not follow chess.

    5. @Marc Fleetwood And Messi wont always be the best player, but calling him a player in la liga would be underwhelming, just like calling Magnus a grandmaster. There’s way more to them than that.

  3. Magnus isn’t just a chess grandmaster. The man is the best chess player on the planet.

    1. @Finlay Craig I did I’m fact watch the video. Just taking about the title/thumbnail

    2. @Ansh Luthra Why are so many people getting all autistic about Magnus being called a GM?

    3. @Niranjan Rajesh Can’t really compare eras but Carlsen is the equivalent of Messi at Chess.

    1. @VB23 Fischer and Kasparov I agree with you on. But I’d say Carlsen is 3rd out of who you listed

    2. @VB23 Maybe Carlsen =messi/ronaldo is a good analogy because people often ignore the past greats when discussing the greatest ever.

      Also, love your name lol, probably my favourite rap/electronic/rock artists all in one haha

    3. @VB23 tal and reti are bluffers who everyone likes to watch but analysis has destroyed.
      Fischer and capablanca played like computers before computers were being used in chess.
      Kasparov dominated a lackluster field as he came in as karpov was waning and left as kramnik was rising.
      Carlson has been consistent and has the highest ever elo rating.
      He will likely relinquish his crown rather than running and hiding or losing it.
      Kasparov was his mentor and it shows.
      He has the rote memorization which can’t really be taught, as well as the tactical genius (and I don’t use the term lightly) from kasparov’s tutelage.
      He really is that good.
      Caruana, Anand, ivanchuk, and many others would have been dominant in past eras of chess.
      Engines can prove this.
      They have the aid of computers and have utilized them (something fischer feared, hence his development of fischer style or chess 360, which was adapted from a variation capablanca had invented).
      I love tal and reti and like fischer the most. I hate that kasparov was so good for so long (though I believe karpov reigned for longer, and no one has him as a number one player/master/champion).
      Carlson really is as great as the hype and until he shows otherwise I have to hand it to him.
      He will likely go down in history as the greatest ever, until another prodigy actually lives up to the hype.

  4. Also the winner is a maths professor at Cambridge. And people say it’s all luck…

    1. @Luis Yupari “Only dumb people speak in absolutes, like you do.” Oof, friendly damage there, buddy.

    2. @BigFan10 well you certainly arent a racist by your logic… coz you arent smart to begin with

  5. For the ones who don’t know Magnus Carlsen

    Magnus Carlson = messi & ronaldo of chess

    1. @Empy Delete this it makes u look like an idiot they aren’t comparable

    2. @VB23 :O Morphy wouldnt even manage to draw from 5 games against Tal, Capablanca or Alekhine, and these guys would be huge underdogs to Kasparov, Fischer or Magnus. If You say Magnus’s GOAT title is arguable, I agree if You compare him with Kasparov or Fischer, but besides these guys no one is even remotely close to him.

  6. *Marcelo Bielsa would be legendary at Fantasy Football.*
    He’s a Head Coach, Coach, Data-Analyst and an extremely good Scout.

    1. @12CA2-03 Lê Vũ Gia Bảo what no? of course not it’s meant to be an attack on the salty derby fan

    2. @T2 dude it was just a joke lol I’m not a derby fan, there’s no derby matches telecasted in India

    3. @T2 ykw I just read about the whole biesla press conference and lmao what a guy I love him for that 🤣🤣

  7. Carlsen’s individualism is also very prominent in top level chess. He shies away from mainstream, arguably best openings and chooses more offbeat ones.

  8. Amazing video! However,. the reigning undisputed 7-year world champion, who almost by consensus is considered within the top 5 chess players of all time *during his career* isn’t just another grandmaster. There are 1000+ active chess grandmasters in the world. It’s like referring to Messi as just ‘A pro footballer’, which is also technically correct, but sounds just odd

  9. “A Chess Grandmaster” – World number 1 for 10 years, World Champion for the last 7 years. Undefeated in his last 118 games in classical play. Highest ELO rating of all time. In football terms he’s Pelé, Maradona and Messi combined.

    1. @Pedro Morais wdym lingardinho would tear them all up in seconds

    2. @Kill Shot nope,fischer is the messi of chess. Both of them are the greatest geniuses ever,and are known for producing something out of nothing.

    3. @Shane Wright it’s not inflated, the players are just better and knows alot more about the game.
      Fischer for example wouldn’t break top 100 GM’s today.

  10. “A chess grandmaster” – The highest ranked chess player of all time

    1. xooperz well clearly? No ones arguing that 🤦‍♂️ people are clearly talking about how it’s an injustice.

  11. Super grandmaster and former five time WC Vishy Anand said playing Carlsen is like playing a human computer. Carlsen is the greatest player who ever lived.

  12. Conspiracy: Carlsen intentionally threw the season so he won’t finish the season in top 10, so there won’t be too many articles about him finishing too high on FPL

  13. Somebody tell Giri that you can draw in football and he’ll be here the next day competing with Magnus

  14. Magnus is quite literally the best chess player ever, like mathematically the best in History. Unbelievable talent

  15. “a chess grandmaster”, that’s like calling Messi “a good footballer”

    1. More like calling Messi a professional footballer, doesn’t quite do him justice, but the title is still extremely prestigious

  16. Whenever I visit my in-laws in Norway over the festive period it never ceases to amaze me just how much TV coverage there is of live chess. We’re talking studio pundits and everything. This guy is a phenomenon and every aspect of his life and career are followed avidly in Norway. Great to see him feature on Tifo!

    1. Good time to visit Norway. The only time there’s chess on TV is during Christmas, but then it’s almost every day 🙂

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