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  1. Rate this; 6th pick, 10 man ppr ranked 9th
    QB: Mahomes
    RB1:Nick Chubb
    RB:2 Josh Jacobs
    WR1: Cole Beasley
    WR: Chase Claypool
    TE: Kittle
    FLEX: Jarvis Landry
    D/ST: Steelers
    K: Justin Tucker

    1. 8.4/10 could use a better wr but I like mahomes, Chubb, jacobs, kittle, Steelers and tucker are elite

  2. It’s so funny to me how forced it is when you guys say that Etienne’s injury is unfortunate. It sounds like someone is making you say it.

    1. I think we should hold a day of remembrance and a moment of silence between the national anthem and kickoff.

  3. I just traded away kamara kupp and ruggs in a full PPR 12 team league for JT Diggs and CD 🐑. What do u think? I needed WRs.

    1. IMO that’s a good trade. Probably gonna sting when kamara has a good year but you got 2 of the players I think will have amazing years, and Stefan who is always good.

  4. The only problem I have with the second guy is that the kicker can’t kick straight

  5. QB: Kyler Murray
    Rb1 Dalvin Cook
    Rb2 ik he sucks but all the good backs got taken before I could do anything and I ended up with Raheem Mostert
    Wr1 AJ Brown
    Wr2 Adam Thiellin
    TE: Darren Waller
    Flex: Michael Pittman Jr (it was between him, Tonyan, and Robert Jones)
    Defense: Steelers
    K: Butker

  6. I had tyreek hill last year in a ppr league and one week he had two touchdowns and 200 yards in the first quarter, I had him on the bench by accident

  7. That 5th pick in a 12 person league is cap, no way he got Derrick Henry, James Robinson, Justin Jef, Keenan Allen and Godwin

    1. Definitely something that happens often, in one of my leagues I have Brady,swift, Montgomery, davante adams, scary terry, Travis kelce, and Chris Godwin. Team averages like 140 points

  8. The fact u gave this dude a 9/10 when there’s no way he could get that team even in an 10 team league lol. Wtf is a 10/10 team in a 12 person league for you if that’s a 9 lmao

  9. In an 8 man league, I got…
    Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger at QB.
    Derrick Henry and Chase Edmunds at RB.
    Deandre Hopkins and DK Metcalf at WR and Juju Smith-shuster in the flex position.
    Rob Gronkowski at TE.
    Pit D/ST.
    And Chris Boswell at kicker.

    I got 131.82 points today lol.

    1. Get juju out of there lol, Edmonds is okay but some RB depth is needed for ur team

    1. He’s getting most of the touches and chances are he stays above Michel in depth chart.

    1. “anderson and darnold will have a great connection”
      that aged worse than milk

  10. I got the 6th pick in a 20 person fantasy league.
    Current lineup:
    QB: Mahomes
    RB: Michael Carter
    RB: James Conner
    WR1: Tyreek Hill
    WR2: rotate between Lockett and Gage
    TE: Kyle Pitts
    FLX: Christian Kirk
    D/ST: NO
    K: Greg Zuerlein

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