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  1. How do you start the draft? I get there at the draft start time, and it says offline, so I need to to be there earlier?

    1. Load up the app or the CPU version. Then it should say on the league 15 minutes or earlier it should say Drafting now and then wait. If you are just 1 second late you can’t go in the draft

  2. Did my draft order this year via a marble race from youtube – highly recommended

    1. Edgar Corrales I went to manage league and still did not see edit draft order

    2. Grant Jernigan Vlogs and gaming You might be using a different platform for fantasy football than Edgar Corrales so it’d be nice if you could tell us the platform that you’re on, then we can help

    3. If you are trying to set the order you draft in you have to be on computer. Phone or tablet will not work. You are welcome.

  3. Listen up Adam Rank. Tell your people at fantasy football you should be able to put a tight end at flex. I don’t get why you can’t. They pretty much are receivers in fantasy bc you don’t get points for blocks so just let ppl put them at flex

    1. You can change it in league settings, whoever the owner of the league can do it

  4. I doing it 1 day before the season and I think I will do pretty good. I am going up against family and I should have a stacked lineup

    1. @goat person I got Aaron Rodgers drew brees gimmy g Aaron Jones mark Ingram DeAndre Hopkins Michael Gallup Kyle Rudolph justin tucker Keenan Allen I forgot his name but saints te and chiefs and Steelers defence

  5. My problem is that I set a draft date and it won’t happen the date that I set it

  6. Can I join a league and start playing in the middle of the season (week 5 in my case)???

  7. Loving these videos, Too late to join any leagues for this season so I will have to wait until the next season starts but I’m so fired up and I can’t wait to get started 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Me and my league mates bought WWE 2K15 last year and had the computer assign a wrestler to each person. Then played a royal rumble to decide draft order. Was pretty amazing and an awesome time

    1. I’m having the same issue too. Draft was last night and now I don’t know how to edits the draft order so I can put in everybody’s picks.

  9. I got L. Jackson. Moore, and julio. And derek Henry i think i won my leaugue

  10. Have you ever heard about a league that has no defense in there league.

  11. Pro Tip – Don’t draft a QB, TE, or D/ST

    Lock, Winston, Kmet, Johnson will all still be there. Get some trade bait rnds 1-9.

  12. How do you even start the draft, I tried to do it live, auto, and offline but none of them works

  13. What do I do when the draft time and date won’t show up in the settings

    1. @Roblox Gaming I figured out it’s prolly because there’s still games tmr and Monday

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