Dude Perfect NFL Fantasy Football Showdown!

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. MAN PERFECT breaks down dream for the 2016 season. Learn more about their fantasy technique and see if the guys can manage a live sell actual time …

Remark below who you think will win the man PERFECT dream league this season!

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    1. I have Steven hauschka but I didn’t start him because the Seahawks offense is good

  1. I am a huge Dude Perfect fan, and my favorite is Coby!! Therefor, I’m on team Coby for 2016 FANTASY FOOTBALL! Let the big dawg eat 🔥🏈🏈

  2. Played in 6 fantasy leagues, came away with the trophy four times. Dude Perfect should do a fantasy league where they play and a few lucky fans do as well.

  3. Love this !! Please do this every week!
    My week one winning line up was
    QB- Ben Roethlisberger
    WR- DeAndre Hopkins
    WR- Brandon Cooks
    RB- Devante Freeman
    RB- Legarrette Blount
    TE- Jason Witten
    Flex- Tavon Austin… should’ve played Danny Woodhead who got 18 on the bench
    K- Stephen Gostkowski
    Def- Carolina

  4. Cody, I feel sorry for ya but, I’m really hoping you pull through with a victory.

  5. Being commissioner is the best!!! Cody is right, you literally can change the points at anytime. But as has been the case for the last 4 years, in my league, the commissioner does not come in first and I believe that Garrett will bring home the trophy this year.

  6. I say Cody has the best shot at winning
    love the show, love the channel continue the good work
    and a video idea for next year the NFL combine

  7. I think Garret has a good team but he needs a running back to compete for the title so I would except Cody’s trade

  8. It’s crazy to watch in the future cuz the running backs garret has are really good

  9. I won my fantasy league last year and started 2-4. Then ran the table and won 7 straight to get into the playoffs.

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