Massive Bet On High Limit Black Jack Table #SHORTS

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Massive Bet On High Limit Black Jack Table #SHORTS

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  1. NG you should Do more table games I’d prefer to play table games than slots

    1. It’s all same, dealer will always win, unless you know how to count the card but again most casinos don’t allow this.

    2. @Willy Ata You’re chances at BJ is much higher than Slots. You don’t have to be a card counter you just need to know the game and have good money to back it up.

  2. Hi NG congrats on your big win!!! I love blackjack please post a full session. A lot of other channels do, but your the best! Everyone would watch

  3. Show me the power of your blackjack! You could hear Bomba giggling with his hard 18 😂😂😂

  4. That’s crazy, I would be completely out of debit with that win. If only I was this lucky!

  5. My all time favorite game! I’ve gone in with little and come out a winner! Unfortunately I’ve lost big money too! That’s gambling😊😳

  6. NG. Nice to see you playing Blackjack and come across my shorts feed! Need more NG jackpots on shorts.

  7. Come on NG thiscis what we are all waiting for. Put up some table games for your loyal fans

  8. Looks like you win more at the table NG. And thanks for saying hi to my girl and me at the cosmo.😆😁😁😆

  9. I am super happy to see your good fortune during this crazy year great stuff god bless you!

  10. Split 7s was my biggest winning hand of all time. I play 2-3 times a month,and it was probably 10 yrs ago. Not his cards exactly, but spilt,and double. Boom. My dealer busted though.

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