How To Make Sports Betting Your 2nd Income! (Easy-To-Follow 6-Step Strategy)

Watch this if you would like to know how to make your 2nd earnings!
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This video will describe to you 6 simple to follow actions to make sports wagering each month. Even if you have a little starting bankroll.

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How To Make Sports Betting Your 2nd Income! (Easy-To-Follow 6-Step Strategy)

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  1. Comment below and let us know if you’re making a side income with sports betting!

    1. @greg K Yes, OddsJam has all the arbitrage opportunities. It is great and the easiest way.

    2. I am … I was very surprised to see my theory matched up with your proof about the 5% considering I’m at $850 bankroll … thanks for the knowledge gonna check out your doing for making a living video so I can work my up to that … my team avg about + 23units per month … hitting 30 would be awesome but it’s up and down and averaging…

    3. the real key to making $ with sports betting is making videos for people about sports betting

    1. Yes, if you’re up +1 unit there’s no reason to get greedy and jeopardize a winning day.

  2. I live in Colorado. Sports betting is legal. Sportsbooks r giving money away. I am literally paying my debt off with this. However, I took advice on try to focus on 1 sport. I have been doing well this NFL season. Be smart with ur bets. Know what to bet on. Stick to the units. DO NOT get carried away. I am a beginner at this. I can see how people can ruin their life gambling. Don’t b that dude! Be strategic. Good luck🖒

  3. Great video! Looking to get into sports betting, what book do you use? I need to use an offshore one.

    1. @Chris Phillip Everyone says that they detect VPNs and use geo-locators to triangulate your position. Especially if you’re using apps. I would think that it’s possible on a desktop though.

    2. @Chris Phillip ive been kicked off several books for this. They all have vpn detectors now. Unless you know one that doesnt.

  4. Hey man, great vid. You gained a subscriber. Im currently in the $250-$1000 range and have been mostly doing 1-2% unit bets, so I have been stuck here forever it seems. Im going to start doing 5% units bets and also try to be more disciplined lol. Thanks for the tips bro.

    1. This is me as well. I just signed up a week ago and feel like I’m just treading water with the 1-2%. After watching this I will be increasing to 5% unit bets and see where I am at in another week or two.

    2. @Ross P doing 5% unit bets is incredibly irresponsible and I’m genuinely surprised at how many people in the comments are going along with this

  5. What sites or apps do you recommend for placing your bets & which ones should you avoid like covid?

  6. Love the video. Really informative. You don’t talk above people. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  7. Man. I know this isn’t the norm. But I’ve followed this for 4 days I’m up (27units) 31-18
    Now I must work on discipline because either one of these days I could’ve have lost it all. But in my defense I found it easier to push harder now due to me just starting.

  8. Good info bro. Just a tip for some people , it’s just as profitable to be able to pick losers as it is winners

  9. I guess I’ve been doing too many Parlays trying to win big off $10. I’m like 2-38 on winning my tickets. Imma try and just put more money on one game and win a little each day

    1. @Jameel James all sports
      …. I waiting on one game left to win 1200… Already won another 500.00

    2. @Jameel James I try to pick one from each main sport… NBA nhl baseball right now

    3. @kenneth price oh ok dope, I want to get into most sports that’ll allow me to bet year around, I’m mainly just bball and nfl right now

    4. @M W I still do like two 5 leg parlays a week with like $20 , but I never expect them to win. I make my money off $50-$70 singles now.

  10. Great video, thanks! Question: Does the 1unit/5% go up each day, as you’re hitting bets? Or do you keep to the starting 1u?

    1. No your unit size only goes up weekly or monthly whenever you decide to reassess your bankroll.

  11. Sounds interesting but a win on a bet might not exactly be double. So making 30 units a month of $25, might not be $25 return on all bets. If you play safe on betting some wins might be 1.5x, 1.3x. When you lose you definitely lose $25. I guess you will still make money but it’s not like $25 x 30 every month

    1. His goal is to make you 1 unit per day. And a unit is also the Betting size. So he says try to make your Betting size/day. Doesnt Mean the odd has to double your input. If you have a lower odd, you need to have more games you play to win that 1 unit

  12. few questions for you hopefully you can answer. 1. You say aim for 1 unit a day.. which is 5% of bankroll if it’s 250-1000. How much of your bankroll should you risk a day? & 2. If you win 1 day.. Do you increase the unit size every day since 5% would now be more.. or are you staying at 1 unit size all month and increasing it month by month?


    1. You should realistically risk what you can lose to afford, because there will be days where u lose almost every bet you place, and you’ll need to have enough money left to bounce back later on.
      2. Both of those strategies are decent and u can choose one to your liking really. Lots of people start with a fixed amount and move up that fixed amount after having won enough money. Calculating 5% of your current bankroll each day and using that 5% as your unit size for that day seems to be the most profitable though.

  13. Good video man, you seem articulate and like you know your stuff.

    Do you prefer to bet small on underdogs for a high return or do you take safer bets below 2.0? Or do you do a mix of both until you’re up one unit on the day?

    Just curious because I want to be more disciplined and I have a history of betting emotionally on underdog bets with great returns.

  14. Hey mate. How can you profit from sports consistantly when the odds are in the bookies favor? The bookies offer lower odds than the chance of a situation occuring.

  15. Great video and super informative. I was about to say max 3% haha. Love the honesty and humbleness.

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