Football Accumulator Betting: Truth Revealed by a 10 Year Professional | Caan Berry

Here's a brief video sharing my thoughts on football and ideas for enhancement when placing them. If you wish to win more on football accumulators it is essential that you understand how they work and where the value is …

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0:47 How football accumulators work
2:45 How to win more on football accumulators
5:23 ideas

Football betting is popular in the UK with thousands of accumulators being positioned each week. Ideally, this video has actually opened your eyes approximately how much you might be losing out on!

This video is for informational purposes.

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Betting: Truth Revealed by a 10 Year Professional |

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  1. With football accumulators I suspect, though I ‘m not sure about it, that some kind of distortion of the probabilities spectrum takes effect – if one can work it out.

  2. Nice video again Caan. Im undecided if I should purchase the video pack course or if I need the pre-race guide. I understand how BF works and have dabbled in trading but want to do it with more method and expertise. I know its a dicky question but is it ‘safer’ to get the pre-race guide first. I wanted to email you but wasnt sure if I could do that as im sure if you gave out your email you would be swamped! Admire your work buddy. . . Steve

  3. Hi caan
    I’ve been trading the draw on betfair for about 18 months now so I’d lay the draw just before kick off then back the draw once a goal goes In I had small success at the start but I am now treading water a bit. I’ve recorded all my results and noting my end has changed. My question is has the edge gone in this market or is it just bad luck. Thanks steve.

    1. Where’s the edge in laying the draw? You are taking the current odds at the time, so regardless of what happens in the match you have no edge 🤔

  4. Hi Caan. Its possible to do accumulators on the exchange

    All accumulators are is putting your winnings from the first bet thrown into the next leg. So if you win 1 bet on the exchange you can put all of your winnings into the second leg and it would be the same outcome as a “double”, doing accumulators in single bets is also more beneficial as you will always have the true cashout value (which bookmakers wont give you)

    1. I think he meant simultaneously, as in 4 matches in a four fold accumulator that all kick off at 3pm for example. Your way is backing a 12 o clock kick off, then putting your winnings on a game once that has settled. So you are doing singles, just going all in everytime.

  5. How would you factor in Acca based promos ie 365 doing 70% bonus for tennis and football, speaking of 365 have you ever done any maths on their 0-0 bore draw or 2-0 up settlements, I place my football singles on betfair with 2% comma but I’ve always wondered how this affected the value

    1. Can’t use 365, they won’t take my bets. They’re just there to drain the recreational punters and joe public.

  6. One thing worth adding is that, because of the bigger overround, the price boosts that bookies love to attach to accas are often not as attractive as they might seem

  7. A bet ive found plenty of luck with this season is backing 2 away sides in a double, you can get teams that are 10 places above the home side at 13/8 etc..which is great considering theres no fans.

    1. Always bear in mind the maths and getting the best value for your bets though! The industry preys on people who waste value (and give it away).

  8. You’re so right with that footy accums, message everyone directly asking you to back they’re accumulators or they’re request a bets.. total leaches.

  9. Hey caan what are your views on a accumulator with teams to win and over and unders (corners) I did 6 of teams to win and the same 6 teams in over and unders got 9 right in total but what would recommend

  10. I once won over a grand on a 17 fold accumulator with a £1.90 stake. Though now I would never dream of betting on an accumulator. Mostly lay the outsider when their is a strong favourite. Or if I spot a value bet or see an edge based on my knowledge of the sport.

    1. Nice, how much would you havewon if you had placed all legs on the exchange instead (not that practical I know). A packet more I’m sure.

  11. Well odds change all the time and I have been betting on football for a long time but what you accumulated at the beginning which gave us the 1900+ were different odds from the ones you did on calculator as for example City to draw it was 5.5 and on your calculator you did it at 6. I am a bit confused. I am not sure if I am missing something and can you advise on what should I do to get better odds? Normally I bet at 365

    1. the Sport vs Exchange example he makes is, in my opinion, not relevant. Think it in a different way: any bookmaker must make a match profitable to them, whatever the outcome is. Their goal is to balance the odds out, so they come out on profit whatever the result is. If 100% of the players bet on a specific outcome and that happens, the bookmaker loses money on that outcome … and so on.
      After clearing this concept, you can imagine that the bookmaker is not giving away 100% of the money through all outcomes … as an example, 1 X 2 do not completely balance each other, but it’s meant to be lower than that. The lower it is, the higher the margin of a bookmaker is.
      When you create an accumulator, not only are you multiplying odds to get a lower probability/higher payout on specific events, you are also multiplying that bookmaker edge. If we play with a 2% edge bookmaker … and you play a 10fold accumulator, that edge is not 2% is anymore, is 19% so not only you are stacking odds, you leave extra edge% on the table that just goes into the bookies pockets.
      And that is why Bookies love acca players and they create a lot of acca promotions: it’s just so worth for them.
      Even the promotion that is shown in Caan Berry’ screen, where Betfair refunds the acca if it misses by one: it is still mathematically worth for them.

    1. I think you mean a simple strategy rather than a simplistic one . The two words mean different things .

  12. Also worth mentioning if you pick an accumulator but they all kick off at different times, you’re better off sticking your accumulator stake on match1, but on the exchange (without the overround) then if it wins stick all winnings on match 2, then same for match 3. In your example you’d then end up with the 2.5k return vs 1.9k.

    Obviously impossible if the matches overlap, but if you pick your 3 teams then notice e.g one ko’s Saturday lunchtime, one Saturday evening, and one on Sunday, it’s well worth the effort to do it this way

    1. How did you get these numbers? Lets say i got 2x 1.5 odds, if i stake 10 and win the first game, I’ll have 15 and if i place that on the second bet and win, i get 22.5. The same amount as the accumulator since 1.5×1.5 = 2.25.

      What am i missing?

  13. Why not run your Acca using The Exchange but spread your selections over different times and dates. You could then back a selection as a single bet – taking the improved Exchange odds – and once you have your winnings (hopefully) place them as a single bet on your next selection that starts later that day or maybe tomorrow. You can then run this sequence for as long as you like – maybe a 5 selection sequence or maybe stop once you’ve reached a certain amount. Cash out would also come into play but it would only relate to the single fixture in play rather than the entire group of selections.
    Not a perfect solution by any means but – for a straight acca – it would allow you to take advantage of the collective bigger overall price.
    Just a thought 👍

  14. If i have 2 bets. Both odds are 1.35 lets say. In such a case would you still suggest to play them separately or does it make sense to accumulate them into 1 bet? Or is there never any circumstance to use the accumulator? And what do you think about handicaps?

    1. Its not that, its the fact that sportsbooks offer bad value. Place them seperately on an exchange is generally better. Doesnt matter which one.

  15. Amazing how many people who do accas have absolutely no idea about the compounding of the bookmaker’s margin. I once tried explaining it to someone who just flat out refused to accept it was a thing, even when I gave examples or pointed him in the direction of information that backed up what I was saying.

    1. From the comments this is true. So many think they are experts but don’t seem to get it… which is probably why bookies business is so lucrative.

  16. I appreciate this is more of an introductory guide (imo a good one), but I was a bit surprised you say you don’t bet accumulators. Betting on correlated events has been very profitable for me.

  17. The problem is most markets don’t have the liquidity to do the acca manually which is i suspect they don’t offer it

  18. I always get let down by 1-2 teams. Like today, I got 3/4, I needed Tranmere Rovers to just score one goal and they didn’t.

    I then find out they did score a goal but the goal was disallowed for some reason.

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